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Quality pet care is now available online.

Hi, my name is Sue Samuelsson, I am a Board Certified Vet and the Founder of i-Vet – an innovative new online veterinary experience that is designed to provide access to real veterinary care for people that live in remote areas or pet owners isolated by disability.

I love my work…it’s this motivation that drives me to do the best for our clients and their beloved pets.

This first of its kind tele-vet medicine service utilises video conferencing and the internet to provide consultations for your pet. The ‘how to videos’ help guide you through holding the pet effectively for the consult, how to take their temperature and show the vet what they need to know.

Where this service can never replace a hands on veterinary consultation it can definitely provide you with peace of mind, especially if you simply cannot drive to a vet. Our i-Vet service can help with valuable treatment and management strategies in your time of need.