Everything You Need To Know About Mulch

Can you imagine a landscape or garden that doesn’t have mulch? We can’t, but for many people, they can. Why is that? They don’t know the all the key things you need to know about mulch. So we decided to help these people with the most important things about mulch. 

For this information, we reached out to the experts in turfs and synthetic turf installation in Melbourne, Brisk Turf. With years of experience and a passion for helping people when they need it the most, they are the people you can trust. As well as being Werribee turf installers, they were able to provide us with a wealth of information in regards to mulch. Keep reading below to find out all you need to about mulch! 

What Is Mulch? 

So let us start off with the obvious starting point: what is mulch? In the most basic terms, it is a composition of organic materials that come together. It can include a wide selection of organic materials, such as bark chips, grass clippings, straw, wood chips, leaves, compost and even manure. It can be made up of a host of these materials or be made on its own.  

How Does It Work? 

When placed around flowerbeds, trees and organic life, mulch with help the life of all these organics in the long run. It is a natural, more healthy approach to ensuring that the tree life is at its best, as opposed to using fertilisers that are loaded with chemicals. There are plenty of ways that mulch can benefit the landscape, which is the point of discussion in our next chapter. 

What Are The Benefits Of Mulch? 

So after all this, what are the key benefits of mulch? There are a handful of them which is going to make your turf look, feel and be healthy for years. What are these benefits? Keep reading below to find them out: 

  • Stops erosion from occuring, ensuring the organic life is safe to grow
  • Will prevent evaporation, so trees and flowers can remain moisture and grow organically 
  • A natural and non-artificial way in which trees and flowers can grow 
  • Ensures that less water is used (so once again environmentally friendly) 
  • Prevents any weeds growing and ensuring that your lawn is secure in the future

We hope that this blog has informed you when it comes to understanding the benefits of mulch, and how it can affect your landscape.

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