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Lawn Mowing Etiquette – Lawn Clippings

A lawn mowing machine is a power-driven machine using one or more spinning blades to cut a hard-wearing grass surface into an evenly level height. The height of this cut grass can be set by the layout of the lawn mowers machine, generally by a master cylinder, or alternatively by a crank or screw-on lever and/or a single wheel-axle in each of the machine’s front wheels. The term’mowing’ refers to the action of pushing the lawn mowers blades through the grass to the right of the cutting edge, and is used in a general sense to describe any activity where grass is being cut. There are two types of lawn mowers; electric and gasoline.

Electric lawn mowers are self-propelled electric machines that mow themselves and therefore do not require the use of a push-along push rod, and as such can save money to both you and your wallet. They are more environmentally friendly, as they don’t use petrol or diesel, and they are much quieter, too. However, they have limited range, and are less manoeuvrable than their gasoline equivalent. Gas powered lawn mowers, with their greater range and greater speed and capacity, are better for larger areas, faster to get to the grass they are cutting and more manoeuvrable; however, they will use more gas than electric mowers.

Weekly Mowing Service: This type of lawn care and upkeep service usually requires a fixed location, and as such it is a more permanent fixture in most gardens. Weekly lawn mowing services are generally hired from companies who provide weekly lawn care, and as such need to know exactly where the grass is growing. They also need to have the height of grass at which they will be working known. For most companies, this type of weekly lawn mowing service usually takes place on a Friday afternoon, in the evening. This service is generally for large gardens or lawns, and it requires one crew member to drive the lawn mowers to the location, unload them, refuel them, start the engine and mow the lawn.

Seasonal Lawn Mowing Service: A service like this is usually only required during the warmer months, when a company might not be able to guarantee the same kind of coverage in a lawn that it would in a cold and wetter winter. This type of weekly lawn care service typically takes place at the beginning or end of a season. Depending on the size of a lawn and its condition, a seasonal lawn care service may require as many as four crews, each team comprised of a mower and a groundsman. Crews would then divide up the lawn into sections, depending on how large the lawn is and where it is, and make their way towards the grass cutter, who has to do his part by removing dead and dying leaves and grass.

Basic Weekly Lawn Mowing Service: A basic lawn mowing service usually involves cutting and trimming the grass that is growing, as well as any weeds that are on the property. It does not entail all of the detailed work that a crew would, such as cutting the grass, pulling it back up, and putting it back in its proper place. Sometimes this service is done on an as-needed basis, with a call to the customer’s cell phone, but other times it is completed as part of a crew’s regular weekly task.

If any grass clippings are left on the lawn after a lawn mowing session, it is important that these are picked up before they dry out and turn into dust. This will attract rodents, such as rats and mice, which will dig into the ground and ingest the clippings. This is often a problem for lawn mowing companies, as many adhere to Lawn Mowing Etiquette, which considers the disposal of clippings to be disrespectful. Any rodent or insect problems should be reported immediately, as taking steps to prevent them from occurring could save money and possible injury to the animals.

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