IN THE NEWS: Thousands Nominate their Vet – The Search is on

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The producers of Bondi Vet, WTFN are searching for a new vet to replace the hugely popular Dr Chris Brown.

Speaking to TV Tonight, WTFN CEO Daryl Talbot revealed they had been overwhelming with XXX candidates who have now been whittled down to  50 for a public vote.

“We’ve had thousands of people nominate their vet. There are some 800,000 views of the videos so far. There’s a guy who sang about his vet… dancing vet, sailing vet, every manner you can imagine,” he continues.

“We plan to shoot full stories with 5 finalists and then put those up for feedback from the public.”

Talbot is keeping his options open as to whether the next vet will have to relocate to fulfill the title.

“We think Bondi Vet is more about the spirit rather than the location of the programme. Whether it’s someone who relocates or works out of Bondi…. for a period of time, potentially that is how it will work,” he explains.

“But we’re not going to lock ourselves into the format, or to be blunt even the title. It will be driven by the talent.

“What the show looks like and what it’s called will be flexible.

“There’s been some fantastic talent. I’m quite surprised by the level of talent, so we’ll be looking for other opportunities for the people we’ve identified. I don’t think it will end as 1 role on 1 TV show.”


Bondi Vet Final 50:

NSW: Michael Demertze, James Crowley, Rich Seymour, Dr Belinda Parsons, Simone Maher, Andy Pieris, Hannah Plummer, Audrey and Alison Shen, Lewis Hunt, Tom Bayes, Kate Petrie, John Thirlwell, Laura Brown, Andrew Ottley, Michael Yazbeck, James Grimson.
QLD: Claire Madden, Sam Jones, Alex Hynes, Daniel Swan, Shane Barrington, Dave and Liv Lemmon, Sarah Jane Goodwin, Todd Dewberry, Anthony Cassimatis, Cam Day, Stuart Cunningham, Campbell Costello, Gerardo Poli, Ray Baxter
WA: Rebekah Outred, Milad Keihanirad, Garnett Hall and Max Hall, Edward Kiddel, Marty Wray, Michael Harwood, Peter Ricci, Sally Yamamoto-Smith.
VIC: Eben Martin, Danni Dusek, Claire Lowy, John Russell, Lisa McConnell, Amanda Sujevic, Fiona Hendrie.
SA: Cale Weston, Sheridan Lathe, John Carles and Prue Hicks
NT: Dr Sue Samuelsson
ACT: Tanya Caltabiano

You can vote here.


 Original Article on TV Tonight here.