Testimonials / Success Stories

“The internet has become far more than a marketing tool – for many veterinarians, it is where real-time consultations actually take place. Better camera technology and increased broadband speeds have made online consultations not only viable, but in many cases more convenient than face-to-face appointments.”

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"Our gorgeous chocolate lab Nuggie had an amazing opportunity to go live in Austria with friends while we moved onto a yacht to sail away!"

“She needed a full health check and a rabies vaccine and thus we went to her favourite vet! Sue got her all checked up, made sure she was fit to travel and went beyond the call of duty getting the vaccine shipped into Gove, not an easy task, Nuggie happily returned to get her needle and the mandatory pats and treats!
Nuggie had previously seen Sue for a urine infection that she sorted and her annual check ups, I found Sue to be super caring, thorough and professional, the best vet I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with!”

“Nuggie now lives in Austria playing on the snow! I would highly recommend any animal owner to use her services – she is the best!”

- Justine Porter


"Living remote without access to a vet for another few days meant I was going to have to drive 9hrs at night along a dirt track to the nearest vet clinic when Zen, my dog, was whimpering in pain for an unknown reason."

Instead, I had a consult via WebEx with Dr Susanna Samuelsson of i-Vet. Sue talked me through where to feel, how to move Zen’s legs to test for various things, and was able to rule out any serious complications requiring immediate vet treatment. i-Vet is a fantastic service for those of us living remote, and anywhere else.

- Lauren Roberts


"Dr Sue helped me by saving my dog. All the calcium was gone from her body and she was close to death, Sue gave her injections and it was touch and go."

“The result was… She saved our treasured pet. Sue was extremely helpful, informative and is dedicated to her profession. I found the experience scary although Sue helped me through the whole process.”

“I would recommend Dr Sue to people who need any care for their pets, Sue also had to put a dog down for me which was done in a considerate caring manner. Sue is a fantastic vet.”

- Churyl Scheppard