General Consultations

  • Treatment Plans & Advice.
  • Skin consultations – Skin infections, itchy skin, hair loss, scabs.
  • Assessment of eyes such as conjunctivitis, red sore eyes.
  • Lameness assessments – subtle or severe gait abnormalities such as limping, bunny hopping etc. can be picked up over video conference.
  • Neurological assessments – When the brain doesn’t give the rest of the body the correct message as to how to move, we can often pick that up by various reflex tests and the way the pet moves. This gives a lot of information as to how well the pet is and how we can help.
  • Fit to Fly certificates – Qantas requires pets under 8 weeks of age or 12 years to have a fit to fly certificate prior to flying.
  • Referrals to specialists.

Note: After Hours Service – emergencies when the vet clinics are closed can be assessed via the Internet.