How To Maintain Your Turf In Summer

Summer time has always been known as a killer for lawns and turfs. When the sun is out a tad too much, your turf and lawn might suffer. We understand the problem, as we have been dealing with it for you years. But we worked on a solution and came up with four simple ideas on which you can maintain your turf during summer time.

1. Irrigation Installation

Water is necessary for plant survival, but there are more problems with issues from overwatering in the summer than underwatering. This is where you should be looking towards an irrigation system that can constantly maintain an easy flow of water to your turf. Look towards installing a system that can help you during these tricky months.

2. Mowing

As strange as this sounds when it comes to the turf in summer, mowing is still one of the best ways to maintain your lawn. But you have to be careful during this process and not cut the turf too short where there is nothing left. You have to leave it at a short length, where you will be able to let the lawn grow. While it might seem like a good idea in the depth of summer, once the weather changes, your turf will thank you.

3.  The Fertiliser 

There is no denying that when it comes to giving your turf some life during the summer months, you are going to need fertiliser. But how often should be put in the fertiliser? We are suggesting that you go about laying it out once every few weeks to keep your turf fresh, healthy and looking green. There are plenty of different types of fertilisers out there, including top quality sir walter fertiliser. However, there are many types of other Perth turf supplies that can be found to help keep your turf in premier condition in the summer time.

4. Replace The Turf With A New Layer

When the time comes that your turf is completely ruined and near the end of its lifespan, then maybe replacing it completely with a new layer of turf is the way to go. There is nothing wrong with going down this tunnel, as you will be setting up your new turf for a great run during the autumn and winter months. If you feel that your turf isn’t going to survive the summer – or is dead already – then start looking towards a new layer.

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