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Accessing veterinary care can prove almost impossible for those living in remote areas of Australia. Life can be harsh for both animals and humans, and a lack of vet care can become a death sentence. One veterinarian who lives daily with this Continue Reading
By Dr. Sue Samuelsson If we have a physical or psychiatric disorder, or if we live with someone with such a disorder, we probably know that sharing our lives with a cat or dog can help us to get through each day.   Animals provide social Continue Reading
Remember when your dream job was to become a vet? It may have been because you genuinely liked animals and wanted to care for them, or maybe it was because you had an interest in science and medicine. Perhaps it was because you wanted to help Continue Reading
By Dr Sue Samuelsson Have you ever been ill and felt your heart lift at the sight of your beloved pet?   Even better, have you then been able to have a cuddle and keep them with you for a while?   Recent studies have proved that during Continue Reading