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Dr. Sue Samuelsson

I love my work… it’s this motivation that drives me to do the best for our clients and their beloved pets.

Dr Sue Samuelsson is a leading award-winning Australian Veterinary Surgeon and CEO of i-Vet, an innovative new online veterinary experience that provides access to live veterinary care for people that live in remote areas or pet owners isolated by disability. Dr Sue is an inspirational speaker and commentator and is the upcoming author of Disruptive Technologies and Your Pets.




“World-first online vet clinic for pets in remote areas.”


“The world’s first virtual veterinary clinic has been designed by a Territory vet. Susanna Samuelsson’s new i-Vet website allows remote pet owners to take their animals to the vet – without leaving the house.”

“The most exciting development to connect people in need, is online consultations.”

“The internet has become far more than a marketing tool – for many veterinarians, it is where real-time consultations actually take place. Better camera technology and increased broadband speeds have made online consultations not only viable, but in many cases more convenient than face-to-face appointments.”


  • Disruptive Technologies and Your Pets.
  • Re-Creating Your Business with Technology.
  • Dealing with Disruption and Innovating a New Future.


i-Vet is an innovative new veterinary experience that is designed to provide access to live veterinary care for people living in remote areas or pet owners isolated by disability. This first of its kind tele-vet medicine service utilises video conferencing and the internet to provide consultations for your pet. Several smart phone apps help with heart and lung sounds and “how to” videos help guide the pet owner through holding the pet effectively for the consult and how to take temperature and show the vet what they need to know. Where this service can never replace a hands on veterinary consultation it can definitely provide peace of mind of to the client that cannot drive to a vet. The i-Vet service can help with valuable treatment and management strategies when most in need.


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