Tech And Apps That Will Make Life Easier

Original article by Julia Hammond.


Remember the early 2000s when having internet on your phone was a luxury? We’ve come so far and still there’s so far we could go. From banking apps to food ordering services, there are few things your tech can no longer do. Here are 6 more tech-savvy ways you can upgrade your life.


Protect your pets

i-Vet offers pet owners round the clock veterinary advice over the internet from qualified veterinarians delivering a new standard in pet care. It is the world’s first virtual veterinary clinic and allows pet owners stranded by distance, disability, or illness to access the care their animals desperately need. i-Vet veterinarians are available 24/7 to people from all over the world and can offer initial assessments, emergency advice, or comprehensive wellness plans and treatments. Skype consultations allow the vets to assess and advise in a way not previously possible, meaning quality vet care is now within reach for many who would otherwise face obstacles to receiving even the most basic care.
Virtual consultations can be booked online, and vets are available to take emergency calls 24/7.


No matter the concern there’s a technological solution waiting for you to discover it…


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