The Advantages and Disadvantages of Synthetic Cricket Pitches

More sports centres and cricket clubs are opting for synthetic cricket pitch and playing surfaces for their grounds. While ordinary pitches are normally turfed using high-quality sports grass which require a lot of maintenance, synthetic cricket pitch require minimal maintenance, sparing you both time and money, particularly during the off-season. In case you have a ground which is suitable for playing on a regular grass, but is too wet due to heavy rainfall or snowfall; it is advised to turn it into an artificial turf during the dry season to reap maximum benefits. Here are three major advantages of opting for synthetic cricket pitch:

As compared to natural grass, artificial pitches last much longer. If you are playing on artificial cricket ground for several months each year, your investment will pay off manifold as you will not need to replace the ground every now and then. With time, natural grass will become soggy due to constant moisture absorbed from the soil. Moreover, your investment is not only saving money on maintenance of natural grass; you are also helping nature by reducing the usage of water and thereby conserving resources.

Due to its flexibility, synthetic cricket pitches can be tailored and designed to meet all requirements. It is not just the surface area which matters. The pitch must also be made to give the best possible bounce according to the speed of the ball. You may use a variety of materials on your pitch such as turf, rubber and polyethylene to suit your requirements. The surface should also be smooth and should not bow, crack or lift unevenly. The surface of the cricket ground should not remain dry for long periods of time as moisture absorption increases the risk of mold growth.

One of the main advantages of using artificial cricket pitches is that they are very affordable, especially when compared to the real ones. However, this does not mean that there are no downsides at all. They do require regular maintenance to ensure that they are durable and safe. As grass cannot be replaced so frequently, you should choose a good quality product which will last you for a long time. Another major disadvantage of using an artificial cricket pitch is that it does not provide cover for the players. This is not a problem in a home ground, where people can stay inside the house.

For areas where there is little or no ground to maintain, you should opt for shock pads. In case of heavy or powerful footsteps, a heavy shock pad will help absorb the impact and stop the players from losing balance while playing. Another advantage of using these pads is that they can improve the swing and pitching skills of a player. Apart from absorbing the impact of heavy footfalls, the shock pad also prevents the player from getting injured during play. These pads are available in different sizes, depending on the ground that you will be playing on and other parameters.

Apart from providing extra padding, these pitches also come with nets so that the cricket pitch is safe from all kinds of debris such as rocks kicked by the bowling ball. They are easy to install and can be installed within a few hours, depending on the requirements. For larger surfaces, such as a tennis court, it is advisable to use a cable tie-down system, as this is the easiest way to install these pitches. Most cricket pitch suppliers sell good quality products at affordable rates, so you can choose a good one to improve your bowling skills.

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