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The Key Reasons Pet-Friendly Turf Is Great For Your Pets

Pets love the outdoors (well most pets do). That is why as an owner, it is up to you to ensure that your pet is safe when it steps outside your front door. Now while it is hard to control all aspects of your outdoor area (and beyond that, it’s basically impossible), it shouldn’t stop you from adding a layer of protection when you can. 

And you can start off by ensuring that your lawn and turf is perfect for your pets. Thanks to experts at Premier Grass – the best in synthetic grass installation in Melbourne – we have been provided with a few key reasons why you should have pet-friendly turfs for your home. 

Eliminate Pests and Allergens

Firstly, with an artificial pet-friendly turf you eliminate any chance of your pets getting attacked from pests and allergens. They will safe and happy running amok because there is no chance they will catch anything. Thanks to the materials in these turfs, there is no stresses about pests or bugs bothering your pets.

Reduce Negative Behaviors

By providing a safe and relaxing place for your pets to play around – without any fears of getting sick or dealing with pests – you are reducing any negative behaviours that might have. Giving pets the chance to enjoy the outdoors is vitally important when it comes to their behaviour and their happiness. Increase it by reducing any chance of negative behaviours coming up.

Enjoy a Family-Friendly Play Surface

You can forget for the pets for a second, and think about the added benefits that come for your family. Not only will your pets be able to enjoy this lovely space all to themselves, but your family can join in too. By having a platform for both, you are opening up the chance to enjoy the outdoors with your pets and have an active lifestyle. 

Protect Your Pet from Toxins

Just like pests and allergens, a pet-friendly turf means that your pets are safe from any toxins that come from the ground. For a long time, a concern for many pet owners was that their pets could get sick from the toxins in the air and in artificial turfs. But thanks to the turfs that are designed to be friendly for animals, you don’t have to worry about your pets getting infected by any toxins at all. 

Great Value For Money

Finally, let us calm any financial worries that you might have: the price of K9 grass and pet-friendly turf is worth it. It will last for years, remain strong, doesn’t require plenty of maintenance and will stay friendly for your pets for years to come. Think of it as a safe investment and you will be safe in the long run.

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