What You Need to Know About Artificial Grass Cost and Installation

As a homeowner or a person renting an apartment, you may be interested to know the cost of artificial grass. Typically speaking, artificial grass can cost anywhere from six hundred dollars to one thousand dollars. So, the initial thing you will want to determine for the cost of artificial grass, in order to figure out the total cost, is to estimate the square footage of your undertaking. You may want to include any landscaping and pool area in the square footage estimation.

Artificial Grass Cost

Now, if you are estimating the total artificial grass cost, you will also need to determine if you are willing to maintain it. Is the purchase worth the upkeep? Will it be more trouble to maintain than a natural lawn? If it will be too much money to maintain, you may want to look into either a natural lawn or at least a low maintenance alternative. Also consider the cost of chemicals for pesticides, fertilizers, etc.

One factor that can help you determine your artificial grass cost is to get quotes from several installers before making your decision. The best way to do this is by using the internet. You can go to sites like Angie’s List and find local installers in your area. When requesting quotes via email, specify that you have some idea of what your installation will entail. For example, if you know the total square feet, you can indicate how much per square foot you would like, as well as the number of trees and bushes that will be planted.

Once you receive quotes from several installers, you can compare them. The price can vary quite a bit depending on the amount of square feet, mulching, irrigation, and other variables. It is a good idea to get at least three estimates before choosing a professional installation. You can save quite a bit of money by doing this, especially if you decide to choose a service that offers free installation in your yard.

Some people believe that artificial grass installation is a waste of time and money. They also believe that grass needs to be mowed often, not replaced on a regular basis, and will never regrow, despite the most thorough watering. These people are very wrong! Artificial turfs need to be maintained just like real turfs, however, and professional services can help you make sure that you keep your artificial grass clean and healthy.

Maintaining your artificial grass installation involves more than just mowing it once a week. In fact, professional services will include cleaning, fertilizing, and other aspects such as inspecting and maintaining your infill. Artificial turf is made of a material known as infill, which is the underlay material that sticks to the grass blades. If you maintain this layer of infill, then your grass will stay strong and healthy.

If you have a particularly muddy lawn or one with a lot of weeds, then you will most likely need to remove some of the sub-grass. When removing sub-grasses, it is important that you mow your lawn first to remove the excess dirt and debris that would otherwise be attached to the grass blades. Once the lawn has been cut down to the desired height, then the turf layer below it should be treated. If your grass is infilled with a material such as wood chips or newspaper, then this material needs to be removed. The reason for doing this is that these materials contain lignins that attract insects. Therefore, by removing these elements from beneath the grass blade, you will ensure better water retention and weed control, therefore reducing the amount of maintenance required.

Other services that may be required during the life of your artificial turf installation include inspecting and painting cracks and seams in the material. A professionally installed Artificial turf should have a smooth and flat surface, so any seams or cracks that develop will be noticeable. You should also consider installing a sump pump if you live in an area that is prone to heavy rainfall or have a large amount of soil that must be drained on a regular basis. All of these extra services will help you save time and money. The most expensive components of artificial grass installation are the extras that aren’t actually necessary, but can be quite pleasing once installed and enjoyed.

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